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Success Stories

"My journey began June, 2005 when I sent my sons for drug rehabilitation

"After reading the information about a bio-physical program I knew immediately that I wanted to help other families, who were going through what we had experienced, find the same treatment that gave us back our lives.

"This program saved both of my son's lives, their family's, and my sanity.

"I'll never forget the moment I first arrived at the rehab center to find both my sons, for the first time in years, free from the toxins of the drugs that trapped them in their addiction. I could not believe the difference and I knew immediately I had my sons back. They had recently completed the sauna detox part of the progam and were now able to start the life skill courses without a drug induced minds and without the cravings.

"Please know that when you call or e-mail us for help, we understand and know first hand what you are going through and will do everything possible to make it happen for you or your loved one. There is HOPE and There is HELP.

"Sincerely, Dianne"

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